Sunday, 8 March 2015

Living Arrows 10/52

So I missed a few weeks of Living Arrows. Guilty look. I don't know where time goes.

I'm so easily discouraged with photography. I've wanted to be able to take decent photos my whole life really, just ask my poor mother who has bought me many a camera only for me to not use it. Thing is I was (and still am) very bad at drawing and that made me think I wasn't 'arty' or couldn't create any visual art whatsoever.

Photography seems to advance so fast too, any time I feel like I'm getting close to taking decent pictures I look at my Instagram feed and realise how far I have to go! But I am working at it. Although none of the photos I have chosen for Living Arrows are posed, I have started asking Cherry and Violet to stand here, look at Mummy etc sometimes when I'm taking photographs. They're both pretty obliging at the moment but I'm sure the novelty will wear off! I am also starting to think they need new clothes - I have a LOT of photos of Violet in the orange jacket she's wearing in this week's pic.

This week we went to the RHS gardens at Wisley to see the butterflies in the glasshouse. I imagined I'd end up choosing a photo of you with a butterfly - which I do have - but it was this one that really stood out when I looked back through my shots. Look at your little blonde curl! We found a mature camellia and underneath it was a bed of blossom. It was absolutely gorgeous and I could have taken photos of it all day. You found this pine cone in amongst the flowers. I am starting to suspect you and your sister are part hedgehog, as I find pine cones all around the house, in pockets, and rolling around in the car. I have also decided that when I am much older and we have settled in a 'forever house' I want a big camellia in the garden and a carpet of blossom every March.

Crazy girl! So full of fun and energy and mischief. It's rare we can get you into trousers these days, you've been choosing your clothes since before you turned two and I have a whole bunch of barely worn clothes I sincerely hope Violet wants to wear, as they are very lovely but you will not wear them! You always want to wear skirts and dresses at the moment. You made an exception for these velvet trousers, a hand-me-down from your older cousin that look absolutely fantastic on you. But we could only persuade you into trousers by explaining that we would be gardening all day and getting very mucky and messy. Not that that stops us if you are in a skirt. I've washed enough mud off your clothes this winter! Every now and again I see blogs flying around about how mums of boys need to brace themselves for loads of dirty laundry from the inevitable rolling around in mud, and I think once again what a load of complete crap people talk about children and gender. You and your sister are as happy to get muddy as any boy I know - and much more so than many I know!  Living Arrows

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