Sunday, 11 January 2015

The invisible link

The girl in these pictures has big blue eyes and thick brown hair. She is exuberant, joyful, loving and full of wonder. She is also passionately emotional and deeply sensitive. 

Life often delights her, sometimes it can overwhelm her. She draws comfort from loving arms and a sense of feeling understood and accepted, just as she is. 

The woman in these pictures is warm and wise. Deeply loving, endlessly giving. Becoming a mother gave her life definition, but it never defined her life. She has been and remains many things other than a mother, but she was and still is a mother first and foremost.

My daughter and my mother. Separated by a generation, their bond is entirely their own. Their link is seen but unseen. I see it so clearly in these pictures, in the girl and the woman.

I can see both the girl I was and the woman I am to become.

The invisible link, me.

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