Friday, 2 January 2015

Gratitude list 2/1/15

1. Being reminded of an unpaid invoice I'd totally forgotten about *fires up Sweaty Betty website*.

2. The hyacinths my auntie Lizzie sent over for Christmas. They're groaning under their own blooms and the kitchen is full of their sweet scent.

3. Listening to Violet call 'Cherry? Aa-oo?' (Where are you?) in her adorable little voice.

4. A 30-minute Skype chat with my sister-in-law that left me feeling really close to and connected with her.

5. That people actually came to our open-house drinks party on New Year's Eve, and we got to meet and chat with several neighbours.

6. The house I live in. Every day I look at the enormous, graceful tree directly opposite and can't quite believe I actually live here.

7. The amount of love Cherry can convey just by looking at me with her beautiful big blue eyes.

8. The continued integrity of my twice-shattered pelvic floor through a vicious chesty cough over Christmas.

9. Being reminded I'm due an upgrade on my mobile phone and having a fancy new one winging its way to me as I write.

10. Noel, who reminds me of things like unpaid invoices and overdue upgrades.

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